Our Plants

o Aquatic plant
o Bonsai Plants
o Bamboo Plants
o Decorative plants
o Flower plants
o Fruits plants
o Ground Cover plants
o Indoor plants
o Lily's & Bulb plants
o Medicinal plants
o Palms & Cycads plants
o Rose plants
o Big Trees Plants

Indoor Plants

o Sanseveria (Snake Plants)
o Aglaonema
o Money Plants
o Calathea
o Ficus
o Diffenbachia
o Fittonia Plants
o Syngonium
o Pepromia
o Philodendron
o Others


• Air Plants
• Bonsai Plants
• Flowering Plants
o Anthurium
o Adenium
o Orchids
o Others
• Lucky Bamboos
o Spiral & Lotus Bamboo
o Layered Bamboo
o Decorative Arrangements


• Outdoor Plants
• Succulents
o Echeveria
o Aloe Succulents
o Haworthia Succulents
o Crassula Succulents
o Sedum Succulents
o Senecio Succulents
o Sempervivum Succulents
o Kalanchoe Succulents
o Other Succulents
o Hardy Succulents
o Succulents in Square Pots

Fiber Planters

o Tall Planters
o Square Planters
o Round Planters
o Rectangular Planters
o Wallmounted Planters
o Hanging Planters
o Lotus Ponds
o Jumbo / Big Size Planters
o Other Shapes

Plastic Pots

o Round Pots
o Square Pots
o Vertical Garden Pots
o Stacking Pots
o Hanging Pots
o Railing Planters
o Self Watering
o Net Pots

Ceramic Pots

o Small Ceramic Pots
o Animal Shaped Pots
o Square Pots
o Round Pots
o Buddha Pots

Our Best Sellers

o CAPPL Grower Pot Series
o CAPPL Office / Home Series
o CAPPL Rattan Hanging
o CAPPL Hanging Pots
o CAPPL Square Pots
o Wall Mounted Planters


o Illuminated Planters
o Stainless Steel Planters

• Pot Plant Stands

o Vertical Stands
o Hortizontal Stands
o Wall Mounted

Pots by Color

o White Planters
o Red Planters
o Yellow Planters
o Orange Planters
o Pink Planters
o Brown / Terracotta Planters

Seedling Trays

o Indian Seedling Trays
o Imported Seedling Trays

Pots by Size

o Up to 6 inch
o 6 inch to 10 inch
o 10 inch to 15 inch
o 15 Inch to 24 inch
o 24 inch to 36 inch
o 36 inch to 48 inch
o Above 48 inch

Flower Seeds

By Varieties

o Aster Seeds
o Antirrhinum Seeds
o Begonia Seeds
o Calendula Seeds
o Celosia Seeds
o Coleus Seeds
o Dianthus Seeds
o Gazania Seeds
o Geranium Seeds
o Gerbera Seeds
o Impatiens Seeds
o Lisianthus Seeds
o Marigold Seeds

By Varieties

o Ornamental Kale Seeds
o Ornamental Pepper Seeds
o Pansy Seeds
o Pentas Seeds
o Petunia Seeds
o Phlox Seeds
o Portulaca Seeds
o Primula Seeds
o Ranunculus Seeds
o Statice Seeds
o Stock Seeds
o Torenia Seeds
o Vinca Seeds
o Zinnia Seeds

By Colour

o Mix
o Red/Scarlet
o Yellow
o Pink
o Rose
o Orange
o Blue
o Purple
o Lavender
o Voilet
o White
o Green
o Picotte
o Bicolor

Winter Flower Bulbs

o Amaryllis Bulbs
o Daffodils Bulbs
o Gladiolus Bulbs
o Heliconia Bulbs
o Hyacinth Bulbs
o Tulips Bulbs

Potting Media

• Growing Media
• Hydroponic Media
• Fertilizers
• Herbal Pesticides/ Fungicides
• Herbal and Biooraganic Products

Sprayers and Misters

o Hand Operated
o Battery Operated


• Watering Cans
• Triggers
• By Capacity
o Up to 500 ml
o 0.5 liter to 1 liter
o 1 liter to 3 liters
o 3 liters to 5 liters
o Above 5 Liters


• Large Pebbles
• Medium Pebbles
• Small Pebbles


• White
• Green
• Yellow
• Blue
• Brown
• Grey/Black
• Mix
• Red/Pink/Orange


• Gravels/Grit/Chips
• Onyx Pebbles
• Other Pebbles
• Polished Pebbles
• River Pebbles
• Unpolished Pebbles


• Corporate Gifts
• Green Gift Ideas
• Plant Gifting Ideas
• Plants as Gifts

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